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Nordson Asymtek Underfill

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Single Lane Dispensing Platform 
Quantum Q-6800 Series

Electro-pneumatic regulators control the valve pressure, fluid pressure and cooling/coaxial pressure. Fluid and valve pressure values are set in the Fluidmove program, eliminating errors associated with manual adjustments during operation. Software-controlled pressure set points provide closed-loop process control and better traceability with log file capture. A magnetic sensor activates both the light beacon and a software alert message regarding the low fluid condition.


  • Jets a wide range of fluids
  • Fast – eliminates z-axis motion
  • Accurate and highly repeatable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Dot diameters as small as 200µm
  • DV-01 Time Pressure Dispensing Valve
  • Fids-on-the-Fly, High Speed Fiducial Capture
  • Fluidmove® for Windows® Software
  • Calibration Module for automatic setup
  • Weight Scale (MFC/CPJ)
  • High-brightness RGB vision system lighting
  • Digital Vision System
  • Laser Height Sensor
  • Single Dispense Station Lift Table
  • Single Valve Support
  • Light Beacon with audible alarm
  • Low Pressure Sensor
  • 6 mm Belt Conveyor
  • Programmable Fluid & Valve Pressure
  • Europe Power Manager
  • Large lift table, 254x254mm (for large toolings)
  • Magnetic Low Fluid Sensor
  • Programmable Rotate and Tilt Option for DJ-9500 
  • DJ-9500 Non-Contact Jetting Valve
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Art. No.:12328
Construction year:10/2015
Amount:1 Piece

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