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High End Reflow Soldering System

Economic, high performance soldering system with 3.26 m process length with 4 heating and 2 cooling modules above and 4 heating modules below.


  • oprating width: 45 - 560 mm
  • heating section: 1.525 mm
  • cooling section: 1.735 mm
  • input section: 620 mm
  • SMEMA Interface inlet & outlet
  • Transportation height: 940 - 965 mm
  • process chamber width: 745 mm
  • pin chain transport
  • automatic chain lubrication in freely programable intervals
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • multi lane able
  • programmable transport width adjustment

Process visualisation:

  • incl. monitoring functions
  • incl. soldering log
  • incl. process data recorder
  • incl. maintenance and error messasge indication
  • inkl. Password protection

  • exhaust air monitoring
  • operating status dusplay
  • center support
  • PCB pass trough monitoring
  • Autoprofiler Software Package
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • N2-equipment with rest-02 regulation 1

cooling level 2 water connection:

  • powerful cooling system at N2-equiment
  • internal water cooling circle that extracts exhaust heat
  • process cleaning in preheating 
  • prcess cleanin in cooling zone with condensation heat exchanger
  • convection cooling below and above 
  • regulated rotation speed in first cooling module
  • temperature regulated first cooling zone
  • outlet cooling with ambient air

connection for external (construction related) cooled water supply: 

  • volume flow: 12001/hour
  • flow temperature: 15°C 
  • flow pressure: 3bar 
  • cooling power: approx. 4kW
  • CEE 16A electrical outlet for external cooling device
  • isolated switch contact
  • 24V supply for switch contact
Price on request
Art. No.:12485
Construction year:2017
Amount:1 Piece
Weight:1.100 kg
Dimensions:3.905 x 1.500 x 1.410 mm

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