When producing PCBs you have to consider many things. For reducing possible errors directly at the assembly process, it’s important, to use high quality material properly. An essential part of the process is the preparation of the solder paste for the printing. The solder paste has to have the correct viscosity and temperature to ensure an optimal result.

With the asP2i solder paste conditioner you can achieve an exact result.

By the gentle and consistent rotation in several axes the asP2i provides an optimal preparation of your solder paste. The individual time setting makes it possible to adjust exactly to the actual solder paste. By this consistent procedure the soldering paste becomes a smooth, homogenous mass without air pockets, thus warming phase and first print become no longer necessary. Therefore the asP2i saves you time and valuable recources. From the fridge to the application by the printer in less time than ever!

Due to the solid and massive workmanship with height weight and appealing design without protruding elements, it stands stable through the whole mixing procedure and therefore meets the highest safety standards.

Quality made in Germany. The asP2i is produced in Germany only.

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